Full Wedding

IMG_0352Excitement is on your hands as you got engaged and you get overwhelmed by many ideas coming into your mind as to how your wedding day should be . Family and friends have verbalized and communicated their support in many different ways but you are not confident if you can truly rely on them since they have families and work schedules to attend to. You are not also sure how well they know the wedding vendors in your locality. You thought you don’t want to burden them with the many tasks ahead but want them instead to enjoy being a guest on your big day . You wanted to do things right since your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life. You realized you want to seek professional help to guide you every step of the way in planning and in executing the wedding you have dreamed of . Time and distance may be a challenge to you since you work a full time job or you work overseas and cannot be physically present to do all the legwork needed for your wedding. You need a reliable professional to help you in the conceptualization , planning, choosing your wedding suppliers and coordination of the many details from start to finish . 

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