1. Question: What are the benefits of hiring a wedding planner?

Answer:   Some of the benefits of hiring a wedding planner, in addition to saving time and money, are:

  • Relaxation– wedding details will be taken care of so that you can relax and be stress free;
  • Coordination– a timeline will be prepared so that deadlines are met and every aspect of your wedding is well coordinated;
  • Organization– your wedding is organized from conception to completion and nothing will be overlooked or forgotten;
  • Inspiration– to maximize the potential of your wedding, ideas and suggestions will be offered for your approval. The final decision is always yours;
  • Incorporation – Your concepts and aspirations will be incorporated into a memorable celebration

2. Question:  Since my budget is limited and the reception venue will assist in the planning of my wedding, why should I hire a wedding planner?

 Answer:   The contact person at your reception venue is not an experienced wedding planner and will only assist you with planning the menu, cake selection, setting up of the tables, table linen colors, etc. There is limited assistance, if any, with respect to planning  your wedding, i.e., type of religious ceremony, securing an officiant, coordination of rehearsal dinner, ceremony and reception, etc. A wedding planner can assist you with all phases of wedding planning. Since you have a modest budget, it will be in your best interest to hire a wedding planner who can establish a realistic budget so that your money is spent on what’s really important to you.

 3. Question:  Since my maid of honor, friends and mother will assist me, why do I need a “day of management” wedding services?

 Answer:   Your family, friends and wedding party participants would like to enjoy the union of two families and witness your exchange of vows. Hiring the services of a wedding planner will allow them to enjoy the event without worrying about such things as why the cake or flowers have not arrived. Your wedding planner will circumvent any problems, thus allowing all participants a stress free and enjoyable experience. This is the day that you and your fiancé envisioned and you would like your invited guests to remember your wedding as being flawless, beautiful and memorable.

 4. Question: How much do you charge for your services?

 Answer:   We are a full service party, wedding and event planning company and our fees are based on the type and level of service that will accommodate our client’s need. Please feel free to contact us for further pricing information.

 5. Question:  Will you be able to incorporate my dreams into planning my wedding?

 Answer:   We provide a comprehensive service to organize, coordinate and manage your special day while offering creative, unique, professional and attentive services. We endeavor to keep our client’s goals and objectives the number one priority. Once hired, we become part of your team , listen to your ideas, goals and objectives and evaluate your needs. By bringing your vision into focus, a wedding to be remembered will be designed especially for you.

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